3 Powerful Marketing Tactics for Small Businesses

Trying to market a small business is incredibly tough. You are unlikely to have the bottomless budgets of larger enterprises, you will have less impressive success stories to fall back on, and you will be known by fewer people in a smaller market. 

As a result, much of the low-hanging fruit in marketing is not available to you, such as running a money-no-object television commercial or sticking billboards up all over town. 

Instead, you are forced to think creatively. In this fact lies the single greatest advantage you have as a small business – innovation.

These larger companies are restricted by their size – hamstrung by the weight of expectations lumbered on them by shareholders, directors, and customers alike. Their marketing teams can rarely afford to be creative or take risks with their strategies, for fear of upsetting the apple cart. 

In contrast, you can afford to be flexible with your marketing. This can enable you to leapfrog larger competitors and land a huge number of new clients. 

However, which strategies should you use?

To help you decide, here are three powerful marketing tactics for small businesses to use:

Invest in Merchandise

It might sound like old hat (literally) to use merch as a marketing ploy in 2023, but there is a reason why it has endured for decades and even centuries as a way of increasing brand awareness and deepening the emotional bond your customers have with your company.

When you gift your target market with merchandise – such as that available from anthembranding.com – you are enabling your branding to spread like wildfire.

Think about the number of times someone uses a branded umbrella or hat, for example. If the branding is distinctive, vast swathes of passers-by will notice it and start to familiarise themselves with your business.

Not only does this potentially provide you with more enquiries, but it helps make it easier to pitch new prospects (when they are already familiar with your brand). However, when it comes to investments, you need to be clear of loans. Try out bond guarantees in Singapore to get set and diversify your debt capitals.

Try Guerrilla Marketing 

Another tried and tested marketing tactic that continues to provide a huge impact on small businesses is guerrilla marketing.

This is when you spring surprise stunts in public, such as a controversial billboard or sticker that is spread throughout a large city, an outrageous statue, exhibit that draws attention, or even your marketers stopping people in the street and asking them questions.

By doing this, you can create a huge impact overnight, and even attract the attention of the local press, which can expand your reach further.

Create Social Media Competitions

A more conventional technique to use if you want to make a splash as a small business is to host regular social media competitions.

These competitions – which could involve a giveaway of free products or services – will help attract both new and existing customers to your brand and encourage them to share your content with their contacts.

This can help spread your branding incredibly quickly, and when done well can grow your following exponentially.


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