5 Reasons Your Small Business Can Benefit From Payroll Services

Payroll processing is a time-consuming process that requires attention to detail. This can take time away from other essential tasks. If you can avoid spending time processing payroll, you can focus on other, more critical tasks for your business. Moreover, the payroll processing process complies with state and federal laws.

Cost of Payroll Services

Regarding payroll services, the cost can be a factor for both large and small businesses. A recent National Small Business Association survey surveyed small business owners across the country to find out how much it costs to use payroll services. It also found that the cost of hiring a payroll service varies significantly depending on the industry and location. Fortunately, there are ways to find a payroll provider at a price you can afford.

Many payroll providers offer additional services, such as healthcare and medical insurance. Many also offer workers’ compensation insurance. Small business payroll walnut Creek CA can also work with your accounting software to help you track your payroll expenses. Regardless of your chosen service, it would help if you kept a close eye on the costs involved, including healthcare and worker’s compensation. Additionally, pay attention to additional fees for adding and dropping employees, data entry, and direct deposit.

Process of Hiring a Payroll Service Provider

If you’re a small business owner, you’ll need to know how to find a payroll service provider. At the same time, there are various options and essential elements to look for in a payroll service provider. In addition to having a comprehensive set of services, you should choose a company that offers dedicated customer support, online customer service, and tiered pricing. You also want a company that is bonded and licensed to protect your company from financial mismanagement.

Getting the right payroll service provider is vital for your business, as it handles sensitive data about your employees and pays the IRS. For this reason, it is critical to do some background checks and speak to other company clients. Payroll service providers must also provide an Employer Identification Number (EIN) to report your taxes and employee information properly. Additionally, if applicable, you will need to provide them with specific forms and paperwork, including withholdings.

The Reputation of a Payroll Service Provider

When selecting a payroll service provider for your small business, check its reputation. Check whether they have a BBB rating and good customer service. Also, check whether they offer several contact options. Some providers may charge setup fees and may also charge fees for additional payroll runs.

Compliance with Federal and State Laws

Federal, state, and local laws must be followed when using payroll services for small businesses. These laws range from the Fair Labor Standards Act to the Federal Insurance Contributions Act. Misclassifying employees and contractors is one common mistake that can lead to steep penalties and fines. Payroll consultants can walk you through the process and help you stay compliant.

There are many different taxes employers must withhold from their employee’s paychecks. One of the most important taxes is the federal income tax. The employer deducts this tax from each paycheck based on the employee’s W-4 form. It ranges from 10% to 37% and is reported annually to the IRS.

Reduction in Risk of Fraud

A recent survey by the Conference of State Bank Supervisors found that from 2010 to 2018, at least 28 payroll services provider fraud cases were prosecuted nationwide. Many of these cases involved several client companies and several years. There were also three cases involving PSPs based in New York with clients outside the state. However, the overall risk of PSP-related fraud is low.

Fraudulent activity often begins with a single employee submitting fraudulent time. This type of fraud accounts for nine percent of all payroll fraud cases, with an average loss of $62,000 in each case. As a result, it is critical for employers to use payroll services as a way to avoid the risks of fraud. Fraudsters may increase the hours reported on a timesheet or issue salaries to a ghost employee.


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