6 Accident Prevention Tips for Truckers   

Truck accidents result in catastrophic harm compared to regular-sized vehicles due to their size and the type of haul on board, with most mishaps often avoidable. Due diligence comprises a large part of successful operations for truckers prying in mountainous regions, with defensive driving coming in handy for this industry. A car accident lawyer comes in handy when such misfortunes happen. So what tips can truckers use to avoid property damage and fatalities while on the road?

Get Enough Sleep

The big rig industry is notorious for strict deadlines and unfavorable night shifts, leaving most tuckers sleep-deprived. The trick to getting enough nap time will be utilizing a schedule with well-timed stops giving you adequate rest between your journeys to reduce fatigue associated with long drives.

Avoid Distractions

Distracted driving causes approximately 3,000 fatalities yearly, with numerous accidents linked to truck collisions. Avoiding things like texting, calling, and listening to loud music will be vital to helping you keep up with the driving guidelines and improving safety throughout your trips. Distractions such as eating and drinking are other culprits associated with mountain accidents, with most drivers trying to minimize unnecessary stops during their journey. In hindsight, slotting some downtime to take your meals will actually allow you to stay focused while behind the wheel.

Avoid Driving Under the Influence of Drugs

While you may be tempted to use alcohol or drugs to stay awake, this will only hinder good decision-making. Drugs increase the risk of poor decision-making and will likely cause you to speed up and make hasty judgment calls, such as switching lanes in unsafe spots. Substances also slow down your reflexes when faced with impending danger, causing avoidable crashes.

Avoid Tailgating

Driving too close to other big rigs and vehicles decreases the time and space needed to react to abrupt stops, leading to head-on collisions with automobiles in front of you. To avoid this, maintain a safe distance to give you enough room to stop when mishaps occur around sloppy areas. This will be essential when driving in extreme weather such as rain, snow, and fog, with poor weather tremendously interfering with the stopping distance.

Remember To Check Your Blind Spots

Due to their sheer size, semi-trucks will have blind spots that could easily go unnoticed, causing deadly impacts on other vehicles and pedestrians. Make it a point to check both sides of the truck before you set off on your journey, along with the front of the motor. Objects behind your haul will also not be visible, with a visual sweep essential to avoiding trucking emergencies.

Perform Regular Truck Maintenance

Regular truck maintenance will be critical for avoiding breakdowns and malfunctions while driving. If you notice any sounds or faulty mechanics, ensure that you have these checked out by a professional. Make it a point to focus on your tires, brakes, and steering wheels, with replacements and repairs going a long way in upholding safety for yourself and others on the road.

While not all accidents can be stopped, numerous are avoidable and will be the key to improving safety for all road users. Truckers can help avoid the fatalities experienced annually by getting enough sleep before getting behind the wheel and avoiding substances and distractions on the road while also performing regular maintenance checks on their trucks. Lastly, remember to pay attention to your blind spots and avoid tailgating to give you ample time to react in emergencies.  


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