Beginner Steps – How to Start a Clothing Business

If you have always fantasized about becoming a fashion designer, You should know that it is easier than ever to get started in the fashion industry. If you use the internet properly, you can try your hand at fashion design with little or no financial risk.

Simply design your clothes using an on-demand printer and sell those clothes on an e-commerce website. If you advertise your customised clothing using social media, you can see what people think of your designs without spending very much money at all.

There are a few basic steps you should know to set up your own clothing business.

Find an on-Demand Printer

An on-demand printer is an internet-based company that functions as both a warehouse and a print shop for people who design their own clothes. When you want to use one of these companies all you have to do is visit their website and upload your original design. You will then select an article of clothing or a novelty item on which you would like your design to appear. The on-demand printer will print the items and mail them to your customers on an on-demand basis. 

Create an Article of Clothing

When you first introduce yourself to the public you want to create a design that shows what your company is about. If your brand is fun, light-hearted, and silly, create a cartoon logo or design. If your brand is sexy and sophisticated, you can create a sleek black t-shirt with a subtle design in silver or gold.

Although you can upload a design that you have created on paper, the better on-demand printers will have tools with which you can create an image. When you select the item on which your design will appear, you should think about your potential clients and their budget. If you have a very feminine design, you may want to put it on a woman’s style tee or a purse or tote bag.

Select an E-Commerce Platform and Design Your Store

An e-commerce platform hosts many different kinds of online stores. Everyone from small-time entrepreneurs to big corporations may sell goods on e-commerce platforms. You should look for a platform that is designed for small at-home businesses when you first start. Shopify and Wix offer low-cost stores for small businesses. 

When You create your store, you should have a button that will link to the on-demand printer. When people want to order your products, they can just press the button and order one of your items. You should only use a few items to start. 


Now that you have created your product and your e-commerce store, you will want to let the world know. It is fine to use Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. However, you should not just put random posts on your page. Remember to join groups on Facebook where you are likely to find your customers. For example, if you have made a shirt that would be inspirational to people of a certain religion, join a group for people of that religion.

Hashtag keywords on Twitter that are relevant to your shirt. If you have a little money to invest, you may want to get an Instagram Influencer to wear an item or two.

The internet gives you a chance to try your hand. It’s something you think you might be great at without breaking the bank. Now is your chance to see what the world thinks of your idea.


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