Furniture Rental: A Convenient Way to Keep Your Apartment Looking Stylish

Whether you’re moving to a new apartment, on a work trip, or need a temporary set of furniture, there are plenty of reasons why furniture rental is a convenient way to keep your apartment looking stylish.

Many rental companies offer flexible lease options, lower prices, and free delivery and assembly. In addition, if you’re not comfortable assembling your furnishings, most have teams of experts to help you get the look you want.

Choose Functional Furniture

If you want to keep your apartment stylish, opt for furniture that serves multiple purposes. This will allow you to save space and maximize the use of your home.

For example, consider a sofa bed that transforms into a couch for your living room during the day and a comfortable spot to sleep at night for out-of-town guests or yourself. Many multi-functional furniture pieces also have storage options that help keep your apartment tidy and organized.

Another option is to choose furniture arranged in zones, such as the living room and dining area. You can also create a drop zone by hanging hooks in the entryway to hold hats, purses, and light jackets.

When decorating your apartment, be creative and think outside the box. Little things can have a tremendous impact! Watch this video from interior designer Eddie Ross for additional decorating ideas for apartments.

Go for Simple Lighting

Renting furniture is a practical method to maintain the stylish appearance of your flat, whether you’re moving to a new house or need extra seats. Not only will you get to try out new furniture before committing to buying, but you can also save money by reducing your overall furniture budget.

When choosing a furniture rental for your house or apartment, make sure you do your research. Look for the best prices in your area, a large selection of furniture, and a quality customer service team. However, because some leasing firms offer unfavorable terms and conditions, it’s crucial to read the fine print.

Likewise, don’t be afraid to ask a lot of questions. You’ll be glad you did! For example, don’t forget to ask about the furniture delivery process. A good furniture rental company should be able to answer your questions about how long it takes to receive your furniture and how much the table will cost. The best rental companies will also list their competitors, which can help you compare pricing and find the best furniture deals for your next move.

Go Monochromatic

When you’re renting furniture, going monochromatic is a great way to keep your apartment looking stylish without spending a fortune. It also allows you to make changes to your style without the hassle of returning it or paying for a total return and restocking.

Choosing a single color can be intimidating, but with a bit of practice, you’ll soon find that it opens up your decorating possibilities. Using a single hue as the base, you can play with variations like white, black, and grey to achieve your desired look.

This is especially helpful if you try to create a bright and modern space while still feeling inviting. Try using lighter tints of your chosen color along with darker shades to add depth and texture.

You can go right with a good color scheme, and a monochromatic one is no exception. Just be sure to choose colors that work well together and keep your design scheme cohesive and polished to ensure a room that will last you for years. This will assure you that the house you’re investing in will still look lovely years after you move in.

Use Opaque Drapes

Opaque drapes are great when you need to block out sunlight or provide privacy in a room. They can also be used to divide a space or control lighting and are available in various fabrics.

They also provide a lot of UV protection, which is vital for keeping paint jobs, furniture, and carpeting from fading prematurely. They can also filter in more natural light without causing glare.

On the other hand, sheer curtains are more transparent and allow a lot of light to come through them. However, these curtains don’t have the same light-dimming or privacy benefits as opaque curtains.

The best way to decide which type of curtains is right for your home is to look at the windows in the room and see which would be best for blocking out sunlight or allowing light to pass through them.

For example, a bedroom may be an excellent place to choose opaque curtains because they don’t need much natural light filtering in. Or you might opt for sheer curtains in a living room because they can be opened and closed to let the sun in but still provide a lot of privacy.

Keep It Simple with Lighting

Avoid going overboard with decorations and accessories if you’re furnishing a rental. You don’t want your apartment to feel crowded. Instead, provide enough open space for your renters to personalize their apartments.

Lighting is one of the most crucial components of maintaining the trendy appearance of your property. The best way to achieve this is to employ multipurpose lighting fixtures. According to Bonny Christy, editor of the FurnishMyWay Blog, a general lifestyle blog, ‘lamps or lights that can double as decorative pieces help create an inviting atmosphere in any room.’ Simple yet unique designs can be achieved easily using the right tools, for example, neon signs made by Neon Mama can be the solution for your decor need. In addition, she suggests choosing LED bulbs, as they are more energy-efficient and last longer than traditional incandescent lamps.

Another way to add personality to your rented home is by painting the walls in a different color. It’s a quick, easy, and reversible improvement. Just check with your landlord before you paint the walls, as this is usually only an option for long-term rentals. Consider applying wallpaper as a terrific method to personalize your room without spending a fortune if you are still deciding whether to commit to painting the walls.


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