How To Decently Replace The Services Of A Social Media Manager And Develop Your Instagram Page Independently

Today, in 2022, Instagram is filled with the pages of brands, companies and content creators who monetize their intellectual property, products, services and everything they want through channels that IG offers. Here they can easily communicate and interact with their supporters and clients and realize all the possibilities that this platform’s algorithms and formats offer.

The niche is definitely saturated – over 1000 photos are posted on Insta each second, just think of it – but there are still thousands of novices who are aiming to do the same and reach success on this platform. This text is for them and for you, if you are one of them.

We will tell you how to decently replace the services of a social media manager, save money by doing so and at the same time develop your IG page decently and independently. A couple of words about paid services (such as a chance to buy Instagram followers, set a targeted ad and order PR from big bloggers) will be said as well.

How do you start

So, if you’d work with a social media manager, they would do it for you, but as you’re willing to save money and be independent, we’re going to give you a whole strategy to hold on to. First of all, you should realize that managing an Instagram is a daily work that you should do as any other of your duties. And before that you need to settle down and come up with:

  • Tone of voice – this is the manner that you’re going to use to communicate and interact with your audience. If you don’t know what it should be, examine the bloggers in your niche and note how they are answering to comments, what general words they use to describe certain processes in their or their brand’s life. You can even create the samples of answers to the FAQ’s using the similar answers of the bigger brands and bloggers in your niche. This is not extremely hard work, and if you’d spend some time on making notes and learning, you’ll be able to easily accomplish that by yourself.
  • Brand’s identity – it includes visuals, texts, logo (if you need one), the color scheme and the formats of the posts that you’re going to use in your profile. Once again, you can learn the basics by examining the pages of your competitors and making your own adjustments to the blueprint that is going to be formed from the gained knowledge. There are a ton of apps that can provide you with tools for decent photo processing, as well as there are apps that help with gathering hashtags and finding themes to write about in your profile. All of that is easily googleable and free, so you should have no difficulties with building up a decent visuals and text plan after spending some time online.
  • Content plan – it might not be highly detailed, a list of ideas that you can use is just enough. Work on it daily, add new ideas, delete the ones that have lost their actuality. Don’t be shy to look up ideas on Pinterest and, once again, in blogs of your competitors. But never blindly copy them; seek inspiration and come up with something unique and interesting for your audience and for you personally.

How do you continue

After all the basic steps were made, it is time to proceed to the next stage, which is a start of online promotion. As we have said, you can use a chance to buy real Instagram followers, set a targeted ad or order PR from bloggers: all that should be done, but in the right order.

The best way to start is by using a possibility to attain the subs – this way you will be able to create a realistic visibility of success to further rely on it. The only nuance you should keep in mind is that you need exclusively real subscribers, otherwise you’re just going to spend your money over nothing.

Real followers can not only increase the count of your subs, those will also improve the statistics and make IG show your publications as recommended more often. This is how you induce the natural subs growth by using paid services, basically. So make sure you check the quality and look up the info about the way of subs delivery beforehand – if you have any questions, don’t be shy to ask a manager about them.

After you’ve attained the followers, you can proceed to setting a targeted ad and buying PR from bigger bloggers – this way you will have a base of “bought” subs to support you and motivate people to subscribe to you with more trust and appeal.

If you use the right strategy that we’ve talked about in the first part of this article and follow the right order of the paid services implementation, you will be able to reach great results in several days – and the further you will go, the more popular and loved your profile is going to become. All you need is the correct start, some knowledge and help from the side, as we have said at the very beginning of this text. Good luck!


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