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How To Find The Best Deals On A New Home In Markham

Looking for a new home in a big city can be a challenging and stressful process. If you have no previous experience in real estate, it can be even more challenging to find advantageous deals on a home. Fortunately, there are plenty of options, especially on the internet, that can help you navigate the housing market more effectively.

According to Save Max, finding the best deals on a new home requires collaborating with both a real estate agent and an internet portal. If you are looking for offers as a first-time buyer, professional help is crucial. Real estate agents have direct access to information on leads and deals, and understand how to find the ideal home for your budget. 

They may also know about good offers that are not listed yet, and can even negotiate on your behalf. Here is how to find the best deals on a new home in Markham!

Consider Buying a Bank-Foreclosed House

When someone fails to pay their mortgage on time for an extended amount of time, the bank will unfortunately need to confiscate the property and remove the tenants. This is because banks are not interested in managing properties, so they will sell the house as soon as possible. While it is a painful process, the best offers on the market come from bank-foreclosed properties. 

This is excellent news for buyers, because it means the bank will lower the price if it means receiving the rest of the mortgage faster. On the downside, foreclosures take a long time, and most of the houses are in need of restoration. If you want to get some of the best deals on the market, ask your real estate agent about this type of property in your area. 

Research as Many Options as Possible 

Due to the scarcity of the housing market, some houses receive dozens of offers a day from different buyers. Sometimes, depending on the area and the demand, you can apply for hundreds of leads before you can actually make an offer. Your real estate agent can help you greatly in this process. 

Regardless if you are a first-time buyer or an investor who wants to increase their capital, you must try your best to save money while buying real estate. For some, this is the most significant transaction they will ever make. Most of the time, it is a once in a lifetime purchase. Use any resource, such as the internet, personal contacts, and professional agents, to increase your chances of getting a good deal. 

Understand Market Appreciation 

The process of demand and supply can significantly influence the current housing market. Depending upon how many people want to buy the house and how many buildings are available, prices can fluctuate enormously. 

Sometimes, a house may seem overpriced because its current demand is increasing. However, the easiest way to determine if the investment is justifiable is by checking similar regional homes. If the house you are considering has an equal value to houses that did not sell, it is likely not worth your money. Also, if there are similar vacant properties in the region, the general price should be lower.

Bring an Inspector

If you found your perfect dream house, one critical step in making sure you get the best deal on the market is calling a general inspector. They can ensure the house is in good condition and the price is justified.

Most of the time, this is the last step before signing the contract. However, if your inspector finds minor problems, the negotiation process may need to start again. On the other hand, if they find substantial structural or sewage issues, the entire deal can end, and the house hunting will start again. 

Buy The House in Offseason

Like the tourist season has full hotels and overcrowded cities, the housing market has a buying season. Experts have said most buyers will begin hunting for a house in March and close the deals in June. On average, they are estimated to pay 3.83% more on any home they purchase.

If you manage to get ahead and start looking for a home in November and buy it in February, you are expected to save up to 7.17% on your house. If your goal is to receive the best deals you can find, combining these tactics will guarantee you will not be charged more for your dream home.


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