Is Your Kitchen Caught Up in the 80s Décor Loop? The Signs to Notice and Work On

Are you eagerly waiting for some kitchen décor trends to make a comeback? The trick is never to keep your hopes pinned onto something. According to research in kitchen décor, the trends will come and fade away.

That means, that when any home décor trend resurfaces, it can prove to be much different and distinctive from its era. That means, if your kitchen space has frozen in time from the time, you were into the pop songs, chances are that you are stuck in a décor stagnation.

One finds it challenging to think and realize that the neon age goes back a generation. The past’s fun-loving, vibrant styles and textures get superseded by the simple designs and neutral hues. It can all be an aspect of maturing tastes and the need for simplicity in the homes, life, and surroundings.

Do you feel that your kitchen décor has frozen in a time loop, especially in the 80s? Are you not sure about it? Here are a few signs that will enable you to discover better.

1. The quirky appliances are not there

When your kitchen space gets equipped with avocado, almond, and the textured appliances that is in decent working condition, you need to think smarter.

Go ahead and transform the kitchen space with a stunning cabinet with coordinating and refacing front panels for concealing the dated appliances as you transform the home. The completely integrated appliances can enable you to develop a seamless look that can blend with the cabinetry.

2. The borders and walls which snore

Nothing else appears to be steeped in the 80s décor than the sponge-painted borders and walls. The same is applicable to the outdated wallpaper trims. Instead, you can add more beauty to any space by adding newly painted, fresh color palettes such as green and its multiple shades, which brings an element of freshness.

3. Pine and oak cabinets strewn around

Are you looking for a slightly less busy wood specie for kitchen cabinets? That should indicate that the kitchen gets cloaked inside the heavy oak cabinets, clunky cathedral looks, and knotty pine. There is nothing to worry about.

You can stay free from the 80s-style cabinet. A transformational solution is refacing, which works with the current cabinet boxes. Almost 80% of the materials that are available in the kitchen are cabinet drawers and doors.

Hence, the homeowners are completely elated to opt in for vibrant colors, hen foreboding, dark cabinets are showered with a new life. The room can be updated by replacing the doors and laminating the cabinet drawers and the boxers.

4. You need updated faucets

Do you get inspired by the new-age faucets available today and feel that your kitchen space can use it. In that case, you certainly have to give your kitchen space a brand-new look, by choosing the spray and stream kitchen faucet.

These kitchen devices can make life easy and streamlined. When you select one from a leading service provider, you can add a new look to the kitchen space, one that is modern and unique.

5. The antiquated hardware of the yore

When the kitchen cabinetry is still replete with exposed, antiqued and brass hinge hardware, you have to choose sleek and new hardware choices. Today, the leading services providers have come up with the best stylish hardware solutions, from the brushed nickel to the stainless steel to cater to the brand-new collections, designed to cater to the new-age customer needs.

There are knobs in black pulls and gunmetal that can make their way to the kitchen space. The stylish gold-tone finishes get to be seen as a sparkling piece of accessory for your kitchen décor.

6. The fussy geometric floors

When the kitchen floor has faux brick, geometric patterns, and various other complex design elements of the past, you know that it’s time to redesign. Even though linoleum was a path-breaking material in the current times, the flooring materials have become way more advanced.

You have to substitute complicated flooring with stunning new vinyl plank flooring. Also, the plank flooring is replete with a collection of finishes. It would help if you kept in mind when the flooring is less complex, the bigger the kitchen space will appear.

7. It would help if you didn’t get upset with the grout

You should substitute the quartz to enable your kitchen to look bright. Do you have grout countertops and difficult to clean tiles? Then your kitchen is stuck in the 80s, upgrade your home with quartz countertops now and you’ll be a lot happier with your kitchen. And you certainly don’t need the pandemic to know that grout and the food prep space don’t make a good combination.

When you choose daily cleaning, it can crunch down the sealant, thereby leaving the grout for absorbing germs and stains. Instead, you need to opt-in for anti-microbial and durable quartz countertops.

8. The ceiling fans matter

You should try and swap out the bulky, old, and big ceilings using the sleek pendant designs. The lanterns, pendant lights, and the clear glass can bring in much more to your kitchen space concerning the design. The fan is a crucial element.

You have to reduce the temperature in the heated kitchen space. Also, it can sometimes be very intrusive to the design. When it comes to bringing in fresh air, you will have to make a few innovative choices, such as windows and exhaust fans.

Also, you will notice that, the popcorn ceilings, which is called the stipple and the acoustic ceilings, were a craze in the 80s. In recent times, most homeowners wish to cover their ceilings using sheetrock.

So, no it’s time to give your kitchen space a new touch. Now that you have figured out that your kitchen space is locked in the 80s, it’s your task to bring it to the 21st century.

There can be design dilemmas that you will face, and that is a normal part of getting your kitchen space transformed. But once you know the design traits that speak of an old era, you will know about the elements that will add a new look to the kitchen space.


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