Maximizing Your Marketing Potential With a Sales Dialer Solution

The right sales dialer solution lets your reps connect with prospects ready to talk. It also allows them to leave the prospect a personalized and exciting voicemail.

When a campaign is launched, you can configure how long your agents should see the modal with record information before the campaign starts dialing.

Automated Calls

Automated calls can handle end-to-end communication for many business functions, qualifying leads, driving conversions, delivering customer reminders or status updates, collecting feedback, or raising funds and donations. Automated calling also eliminates manual processes and reduces agent on-call time to boost productivity, increase customer satisfaction, and cut costs.

With Dialer, businesses can make phone calls from inside Salesforce with the click of a button. They can select the number they want to use, dedicated to them and their customers, and choose how long a call should last. After a call ends, the call log is automatically updated in Salesforce.

A salesperson from Paperdrop, a company that sells the paper stock, custom stationery, and design solutions, explains how automated phone calls help them to improve their marketing potential. He explains how using CRM and automation tools helps them to manage customer expectations, keep their leads engaged, and deliver personalized messages that drive results.

When a call isn’t answered, the system automatically moves on to the next lead or redistributes it following pre-set redial rules. Businesses can also configure the preview time – how long a record should be shown in the modal before the automated Dialer starts calling them.


Marketing is about presenting business offerings in an impactful way that intrigues customers and compels them to buy. But sometimes, the ways we approach audiences can annoy or disrupt them. For example, an intrusive call or text message during a meeting or other high-priority task can be an unwanted interruption. Using a ringless voicemail drop to reach customers allows you to interact with them at scale without interrupting them, allowing you to communicate your value proposition in a non-intrusive way.

While many marketers avoid leaving voicemail messages because they believe they’ll be branded as spammers, the truth is that well-crafted, personalized, and non-intrusive ringless voicemail can improve response rates and conversions. Moreover, a ringless message can help you connect with leads and prospects at the right time when they are most likely to listen and take action.

The proper salesforce dialer setup also allows you to send emails via the platform, further boosting the effectiveness of your marketing campaign. For instance, you could create a series of automated emails sent after every call with the lead, including a warm-up, reminder, and follow-up message. This will save your sales team valuable time and allow them to quickly reference their conversations to provide better customer service and build stronger relationships with their leads.

Email Campaigns

Email campaigns are a powerful way to build trusting relationships with your subscribers and keep them engaged. The key to creating effective email campaigns is ensuring your content is relevant and personalized for your audience. This approach will ensure your emails are opened rather than filed in a subscriber’s spam folder.

Email marketing lets you target your audience based on their behavior, such as purchasing history. This can help you deliver more targeted messages and generate higher sales. For example, if you are an online retailer specializing in healthy teas, you can email your subscribers when they are most likely to purchase. You can also email your subscribers about upcoming events or promotions.

A reliable Salesforce dialer makes it easy for your team to place calls, text leads, and do sequencing from one platform without needing 3rd-party integrations. This reduces context switching, improves productivity, and helps reps close more deals. Ideally, your Dialer should provide Salesforce reporting that is out-of-the-box and easily digestible so that you can immediately see the value. 

Scheduled Calls

Having a sales dialer built into your CRM will allow you to save time on manual data entry. When a rep makes or receives a call, Salesforce automatically logs it for them, keeping records current. This will free up 4-8 hours per week for your team to spend on their most important priorities – driving revenue and building customer relationships.

Sales teams are busy and can get overwhelmed by the daily calls they must make. A native Salesforce dialer that automates the process of calling leads and customers will allow your team to follow a sales cadence and focus on the things that matter most.

An excellent native Salesforce dialer also offers features ensuring compliance with TCPA and other regulations. With a feature like voicemail transcription, your reps can be alerted via email when they receive a customer’s voicemail. They can quickly read the message without disconnecting from their current conversation. It also allows them to pre-record a generic ‘Sorry I missed your call message’ that can be used to connect with potential customers and leave a lasting impression. These time-saving tools will help you and your team maximize their sales potential. All you need to do is set up a campaign with Dialer and then schedule the campaigns to run at any time of the day.


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