Navigating Legal Disputes: How a Business Lawyer Can Help

Business attorneys have various skill sets to help their clients with multiple issues. Their expertise can prevent legal disputes and save money down the road.

Business lawyers can assist with initial concerns, such as choosing the right business entity type and filing registrations for trademarks, patents, and copyrights. They can also handle employment issues and ensure compliance with labor laws.


Many business attorneys work at the point where the business world meets the legal world. While some lawyers may specialize in defending criminals or fighting for civil rights, business lawyers will likely spend much of their careers working with contracts, negotiations, and other non-combative legal actions.

One of the most important tasks for a business lawyer is creating and interpreting legal documents. Whether it is a contract, agreement, or policy document that needs to be created or modified, a business attorney can ensure that the legal language in the document will meet the client’s specific goals.

Business lawyers like Ed Batts can also help with documenting transactions that take place between parties. This might include a bank loan agreement or an employee termination letter. When a transaction is entered correctly, it can protect the company from legal liability. It can also ensure compliance with government regulations. This is important because laws and regulations are constantly changing. The business lawyer will provide up-to-date documentation containing all the required elements.


While ideally, legal issues would be prevented through measured, proactive action, sometimes, even the most active businesses face unavoidable legal problems and disputes. Whether they involve contracts, intellectual property, undisclosed commission claims, employment law compliance, or regulatory matters, small business owners need a skilled legal advocate to ensure that resolutions adhere to local, state, and federal laws.

Depending on the nature of the dispute, one or both parties may choose to pursue litigation as an option for conflict resolution. In such cases, the business lawyer selected must have an impressive track record in litigation. This information can be accessed via the lawyer’s website and other online reviews.

Moreover, when choosing a business attorney, it is important to consider the cost. Fortunately, many attorneys offer affordable flat fees and hourly services for small businesses. In addition, some attorneys also provide discounts for new clients and first contract reviews.


It is not uncommon for businesses to experience legal disputes, which can wreak havoc on operations. A business lawyer can help protect the interests of a company during litigation and negotiations. Litigation involves conflict resolution through formal court processes, while negotiation is the strategic discussion of issues among parties to resolve a dispute on favorable terms.

A common misconception that lawyers are aggressive and rigid can prevent clients from exploring creative (and money-saving) tradeoffs during negotiations. Furthermore, a lack of communication between the opposing sides in a negotiation can lead to an unsatisfactory outcome.

To settle, parties must be willing to compromise on their positions and interests. A veteran negotiator will study the dispute and attempt to identify the zone of possible agreement (ZOPA) in which compromises can be made. They will also understand the limits of their negotiating mandate and ensure constant communication with clients while acting on their behalf.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Even the best-run businesses can experience legal problems. Dissatisfied customers may file lawsuits over products or services, and misunderstandings can lead to disputes over contracts or trade secrets. A business lawyer can help review the case and explain how applicable laws apply to reach a fair settlement.

Disputes can be settled through negotiations, mediation, arbitration, or other alternative dispute resolution methods. As litigation costs and time delays continue increasing, many states experiment with programs to settle cases outside the courtroom.

While avoiding all legal problems is impossible, hiring a business attorney can help protect your interests and minimize the impact on your business. Your attorney will evaluate the situation and provide valuable advice, making you confident in your decision-making process. Even if your case does require litigation, an experienced attorney can help you navigate the process quickly and efficiently. They will also ensure all legal requirements are met to prevent future problems.


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