In NIMS, When Do Managers Prepare And Plan For The Demobilization Process?

This is a question that many people ask about NIMS (National Incident Management System). In this article, let’s learn about the answer, complete with other related questions and their answers.



Question: In NIMS, When Do Managers Prepare And Plan For The Demobilization Process?


  1. When transitioning between operational periods
  2. During recovery
  3. At the same time, they begin mobilizing resources
  4. At the end of the incident


The answer to this question is 3. Prepare and plan for the demobilization process at the same time as mobilizing resources.

In NIMS, the managers prepare and plan for the demobilization process at the same time as when they begin mobilizing resources. This is the exact procedure that all managers have to follow. Mobilizing resources has to be done at the same time as the demobilization process.

The NIMS plan for the demobilization process facilitates accountability and also helps make the transportation process of the facility more efficient and effective when it comes to cost and time.

Related questions and answers

Q. What correctly describes NMS?

A. A systematic approach to incident management

Q. What is NIMS?

A. A core set of principles, concepts, and terminology for incident command and multi-agency coordination

Q. What is something that has never been a part of the NIMS Management characteristic of Chain of Command?

A. Prohibiting personnel from sharing information with each other

Q. What is something that is typically not included in the transfer of command briefing?

A. Special requests from an agency representative

Q. What item is not included in the NIMS Management Characteristics of Accountability?

A. Check-in/out incident personnel

Q. What best describes the operational period?

A. Presents the IAP for the next upcoming period to supervisory personnel

Q. To ensure efficient communication, NIMS recommends the use of what?

A. Common terminology

Q. Name the criteria for choosing a shelter location

A. Sufficient materials are available, provide natural protection, and the area is large enough for everyone

Q. What are the best qualities of a leader?

A. Devotion, ability to inspire, vision, clear purpose, and commitment

Q. Is it true that accounting for all equipment, supplies, and personnel at your POD is one of the primary responsibilities of the POD manager?

A. True


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