Crafting your own Printable Envelope Template

Printable Envelope Template

Do you need an envelope now for various things? Don’t worry, you can download this Printable Envelope Template and add it to your collection so you can use it whenever you need.

Printable Envelope Template papers

For this template, you can any kinds of papers you want. Even junk mail envelopes can look cool if you want!

Printable Envelope Template download

Download the template here


  • First cut along the outer lines
  • Fold the paper according to the guidelines
  • Fold it again in half this time
  • Grab the side flaps that hold the envelope together and secure them with glue or tape
  • Fold the top flaps this time to close the envelope and secure it with glue or tape

You can use the same printable envelope template to make various sized envelopes!


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