From Ordinary to Extraordinary: The Benefits of Custom Trade Show Displays

Whether your business offers the latest tech gadgets or traditional products, you can elevate your ROI with custom trade show displays. Choosing a design that aligns with your company’s brand messaging will foster trust and rapport with attendees.

Several exhibits are available, from portable pop-ups to prefabricated modular displays built with standardized pieces that can be reconfigured to your needs. Each has its own unique set of benefits, depending on your budget and goals.


Custom trade show displays allow your brand to express its personality and messaging to attendees. They also create a memorable impression and build a solid foundation of trust with potential customers. It is essential to generate leads, grow your business, and gather competitor intelligence.

Each company comes with its own set of design philosophies that are reflected in its displays. Some go all-out with eye-catching colors and overloaded technology, while others prefer a more subtle look. Regardless of your exhibiting philosophy, will reflect it in a way that is unique to your company. While custom exhibits can be more expensive than prefabricated modular kits, they offer more customization and flexibility.

Additionally, they can be re-used in different sizes and configurations to meet your specific needs. It means they can be less expensive over the long term than rental solutions. It is a significant advantage for businesses that regularly exhibit or attend multiple events.


You might find it twisted to hear this aphorism in the trade show world: “You need to spend money to make money.” That’s because exhibiting at a trade show aims to meet possible clients and customers and pique attendees’ curiosity about your products and services.

The best way to do this is by creating a visually appealing exhibit. Custom trade show displays can make this happen by ensuring your brand is visible and identifiable in every booth area, whether on the back of a stand or an overhead canopy screen.

A lot of the booths for the Toy Fair are modular, allowing you to combine and match parts for various presentations. The advantage of this flexibility is that you can save on the costs of drayage and storage while still getting an excellent-looking display. Some of these modular designs, like tension fabric displays from Medallion, are also lightweight and easy to assemble.


Many companies invest in trade show displays to generate sales leads, nurture qualified contacts, and cultivate a more significant industry footprint. But they can’t do all that if their trade show displays are boring.

Custom exhibits are designed to stand out so they grab attendees’ attention and make the best first impression. They’re also a great way to tell the brand story and convey a sense of brand personality. That is why when you come to invest in your exhibit, you’ll need your theme to flow throughout, so reaching out to a custom design and printing company here can help you make everything from your banners to your business cards look professional and cohesive, while still giving your exhibit that bit of personality that pulls people in. For companies that attend multiple trade shows throughout the year, prefabricated modular kits can save on upfront costs and shipping/drayage fees.

They can be reconfigured show-to-show to meet varying space and function needs. And they can be repurposed for various marketing events, including public-facing community outreach events and farmers’ markets.


The best custom trade show displays elicit a strong ROI (return on investment) or return on objectives. They allow businesses to cultivate a greater brand awareness and generate leads. Whether you’re an established business looking to enlarge your footprint or a tech start-up showcasing its latest gizmos, your booth is your opportunity to build relationships with possible clients or vendors that you can follow up on when the event ends.

As such, the value of a quality custom trade show display must be balanced. For most companies, the best option is to use modular display components — like aluminum extrusions and fabric graphics – that can be reconfigured to create different designs or sizes.

This solution works exceptionally well for frequent exhibitors at B2B industry events or public-facing and direct consumer events. It also reduces drayage costs, which can balloon if a large exhibit is shipped in from a distant location.


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