The Hidden Benefits of Owning a Custom Phone Number

Your business’s phone number conveys a lot to your clients. It’s how they will know how to contact you, if you are credible, and even if you offer specialized customer support. A custom phone number allows you to do all that. You can pick a pattern, such as recurrent digits, or even spell a word.

Easy to Remember

Phone calls to businesses still convert to revenue much faster than online searches, and having a memorable phone number is an important piece of the puzzle for brand recognition. Getting a custom local or vanity phone number is a great way to help your clients remember who you are and the services you provide, making it easier for them to reach you with just ten digits.

Buying a vanity phone number such as the 212 phone number for sale is a smart way to communicate your company’s USP (Unique Selling Proposition). Using a word or phrase representing your business value in the number itself, you can instantly project your message and set yourself apart from the competition. Unlike other marketing tools that require extensive expertise and time to implement, getting a custom local or vanity phone number is relatively simple. A good phone service provider may offer a variety of numbers to choose from and provides easy-to-use tools for searching and buying availability. 

Easy to Dial

Vanity numbers with easy-to-dial sequences of letters and numbers deliver better recall value than standard local and toll-free prefixes. They also convey buttoned-up professionalism, which helps you build trust with your customers. Custom phone numbers are a must-have for businesses of any size. They allow you to create a call-to-action and message in one, maximize your marketing efforts, and make it easy for customers and prospects to reach you. Choosing your custom local or toll-free number is simple and affordable. It’s a process similar to purchasing a website domain, with much less technical details to consider. All you need to do is use a vanity or easy dial tool, pick your preferred number, and select where you want it to route (auto-receptionist, specific team member, extension). Your new business phone number will be ready for calls in about three days! It’s an inexpensive and powerful way to drive business growth, especially with other marketing tactics promoting inbound sales and customer service.

Easy to Access

Your phone number is one of the most important parts of your identity, and it’s a key way that people can reach you. So, it makes sense that you’d want more control over the digits that make up your phone number.

The good news is that it’s pretty easy to do! Like purchasing a domain name, buying a custom local or toll-free number is quick and simple. You can browse for available numbers online, buy them and start using them within days. You can also forward calls or text messages to multiple devices, making achieving a work-life balance and staying connected with customers easy. Plus, your number will move if you decide to switch providers. 

Easy to Reputate

As a business owner, you can improve your brand’s image by giving customers an easy-to-remember custom local or toll-free number. This will help your ads stand out, increasing response rates and sales.

Many people use burner phone numbers to keep their personal phone numbers private, shielding them from spammers and robocalls. This is a popular option for people selling things on Facebook Marketplace, side gigs like Uber driving or Amazon delivery work, and even family members tired of receiving sales calls and other unwanted calls.

Getting a custom set of digits is more affordable than ever. By partnering with a VoIP service provider that offers vanity, international, toll-free, and local phone numbers, you’ll get access to advanced call management tools alongside top-notch customer support. This way, you can focus on growing your business while knowing you’re protected from spam and other nuisances. You can even sign up for a trial and find out how a custom number can improve your business. This is a free, risk-free way to see how a custom phone number can boost your ROI.

Easy to Communicate

The prefix of a phone number has a powerful effect on the audience, and the right custom numbers can inspire trust in your business. For example, 800 numbers elicit professionalism, while local numbers project a sense of community. In addition, it’s easier for customers to recall and dial a catchy number. With a custom phone number, it’s easy to communicate with your clients and partners. Whether working from home, in the field, or on the go, your custom phone number will always be available to reach you. This makes your business more accessible to your customers and ensures you can quickly and effectively respond to inquiries.

There are several ways to purchase a custom phone number, and the process varies depending on who you’re buying from and what type of custom phone number you’re looking for. 


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