The Many Advantages of Having a Labeling Machine

It’s no secret that labeling is an important part of any business. To keep track of inventory, shipments, and other crucial information, businesses need to have a labeling system in place. And while some businesses may try to do this with hand-written labels or stickers, a labeling machine offers many advantages over these methods.

A trusted premier service partner for Nita Labeling Systems, and something of a label expert, is Sheapak. They are someone to look up if you are looking to install a machine capable of mass-producing labels and then have your staff trained in the process. This will ensure that, in the future, your products are not mislaid or delivered to the wrong addresses. Also, ensure that what you sell will look great from an aesthetic point of view and be consistent with your marketing image and brand.

Here are some further explanations and benefits of using a labeling machine:


A labeling machine or a label printer ensures accuracy in labeling. This is crucial for businesses that need to keep track of their inventory and make sure it matches what’s on their shipping manifests.

Handwritten post-it or sellotaped notes attached to boxes can fall off. It is much better to have a well-stuck label. Then to have it printed so that the information cannot be misread due to bad or sloppy handwriting is a further bonus. We are all probably guilty of rushing our handwriting when we are busy. Whereas, a printed and bespoke label can be printed in no time at all when a business has its very own industrial-scale label printer on-site. There are quality machines you can buy, not just your typical home devices.

It makes sense to have access to a label machine. Particularly, if the business is involved in shipping high volumes of items that need to get to the right destination. Addresses can be printed professionally for the mail service to appreciate and the recipient to see.


A labeling machine can label items much faster than a person can by hand. This means that businesses can get products out of the door more quickly, which can lead to increased sales and profits.

It can take time to produce manual labels which might say all the same thing. With printed labels, a large volume of labels saying the same thing can be produced in a line at speed and be ready to stick on boxes. You can, in a sense, have a production line of label printing, if you so wish. You will be partly in control of the speed your labels are being produced.


A labeling machine doesn’t require as much manpower as hand-labeling does. This means that businesses can save money on labor costs since they don’t need as many people to operate the labeling machines.

This cost-saving can be passed on to another area of the business that needs more budget for it to work efficiently. Alternatively, you might be able to give your workers that much-needed pay rise as a result of the saving and improve your workforce’s morale and your staff retention rate. Most staff will prefer using the printing machine to the manual and time-consuming alternative.


A labeling machine will produce labels that are all the same size and font type, ensuring consistency across all products.

It is a good company image to have all your labels consistent with the company brand and message, and this is more easily achieved with printing. A machine can do this when set to produce just what you need.

It can be more affordable than you might think to invest in a labeling machine. This might be because of discounts received when purchasing, a competitive rate to buy the machine, or simply the long-term gains of not having labels delivered all the time, with a mailing cost, when you can produce them yourself in great quantities.


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