Top 6 Features a Good Video Hiring Platform Must Have

As remote work becomes more prevalent, video interview has become a crucial part of the hiring process. With the right video hiring platform, companies can streamline their recruitment efforts, saving time and money while ensuring they find the best candidates for their open positions. But with so many options, how can companies know which platform is right for them? This article will explore the top 6 features a good video interview software must have.


First and foremost, a good video hiring software must offer customization options that allow companies to tailor the platform to their specific needs. This includes creating branded landing pages, customizing email templates, and adding questions relevant to the specific role being filled.

Additionally, customization options should extend to the pre recorded video interview software, which allows candidates to answer questions on their own time. By giving companies control over the look and feel of the platform, they can ensure that it reflects their brand and values, which can be an important factor in attracting top talent.

Easy-to-Use Interface

Another important feature of good video hiring software is an easy-to-use interface. Both recruiters and candidates should be able to navigate the platform without any issues. The platform should be intuitive and user-friendly, with clear instructions and simple navigation. An easy-to-use interface will save time and reduce frustration.


A good video hiring platform should also be able to integrate with existing HR systems and tools, such as applicant tracking systems (ATS) and human resource information systems (HRIS). Integration with these systems allows for a seamless hiring process, with all candidate data and communications stored in one place.

This saves time and decreases the risk of errors occurring manually entering data. Additionally, integration with video conferencing software can streamline live interviews and ensure a more efficient hiring process.


The ability to collect and analyze information is another crucial feature of good video hiring software. By tracking key metrics such as candidate engagement and completion rates, recruiters can identify areas where the hiring process can be improved.

Analytics can also help identify patterns and trends that can inform recruitment strategies. The software should also offer analytics, such as tracking how long candidates took to answer questions or how many times they re-recorded their responses. This data can be invaluable in identifying which candidates are the best fit for the job.


Security is another critical feature that a good video hiring software must have. The platform should offer robust security features that protect candidate data and ensure that the platform is not vulnerable to hacking or other cyber threats. This comprises user identification, access control, and data encryption both in transit and at rest.

The software should also offer security features, such as restricting access to the video to specific users or groups. Security is particularly important when dealing with sensitive information, such as social security numbers or other personal data.


Good video hiring software should be accessible to all candidates, regardless of their abilities or disabilities. The platform should comply with accessibility standards, such as the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0.

The software should also be accessible, with closed captions and transcripts available for candidates who are deaf or hard of hearing. Providing an accessible platform ensures compliance with legal requirements and demonstrates the company’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

A good video hiring platform is essential for any recruitment company that wants to streamline its recruitment process and attract top talent. When choosing a video hiring platform, companies should consider their specific needs and goals and the needs and preferences of the candidates they hope to attract. They should also consider factors such as cost, support, scalability, and the platform’s reputation in the industry.


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