Your Gateway to Extravagant Journeys: Exploring Private Air Options

Long considered to be a luxury only the very rich could afford, flying on private jets has, in recent years, become much more affordable. Soaring in popularity during the pandemic, many private jet companies have emerged to make the market much more competitive and affordable for customers. In fact, many extravagant journeys can now take place inside a private jet’s luxurious cabin at a price far less than you may think. If you’re ready to explore your air options, here’s what you need to know.

Browse, Book, and Buy

Just like any other type of product or service you would buy, it is now possible for you to download various apps to your smartphone and browse, book, and buy a flight on a private jet within a matter of minutes. Using live operators that can answer any questions you may have, self-service apps are often looked at as the Airbnb for flying. Using such information as the airport from which you want to depart, your preferred flight times, and destinations on your wish list, it’s easier than ever to find thousands of bookable flights.

Traditional Charter Services

While some people may feel very comfortable choosing a private jet flight through an app on their smartphone, you may prefer to get a bit more guidance using a traditional charter service. Able to give you information on the different types of flights available to you, traditional charter services ensure all the details are taken care of so that your flight goes off without a hitch. 

If you are new to flying and are taking a private jet charter to New Jersey for the first time, using a traditional charter service will help you learn more about such features as customized meals, how many passengers and pets you can take with you on your flight, and how to board your flight once you reach the airport.

Use a Cost Calculator

Depending on where you want to go on your private jet flight, using a cost calculator can be a great way to help you determine which destinations are the most affordable. Remember that the longer your flight, the higher the price will likely be since more fuel will be used during your flight. Your flight may also cost more if you request more amenities, such as customized meals or other special considerations.

Fly on an Existing Flight

One of the most affordable ways to fly on a private jet is to grab a seat on a flight already booked by another individual. While some people prefer to have the cabin to themselves on a private jet, others who may be taking a business trip often won’t think twice about having other passengers on the jet. 

If you are good with this, you can save substantial money. Once you board your flight and take off, you may even talk with other passengers and make some new friends by the time your jet lands at the airport.

Membership Programs

Just like you probably do at some of your favorite stores, you can sign up for a membership program with private jet charter services and gain immediate access to several benefits. With a membership, you pay a set amount each month and get access to flights that go to various destinations. 

You may also get a plan that gives you a certain number of flight hours you can use each month, which may be very cost-efficient if you travel quite a bit for business. Since many memberships for private jet services cost only about $100 per month or slightly more, this can be a great option if you are on a tight travel budget.

Instead of limiting yourself to commercial airliners, discover your gateway to many extravagant journeys by exploring your options through private jet travel. Whether you opt for a membership with a charter service or decide to use apps on your smartphone to find the best deals on flights, you will soon find yourself enjoying luxurious and relaxing flights that will leave you leaving commercial air travel behind for good.


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