Steps for Finding a Good Commercial Space for Your Business

3 Steps for Finding a Good Commercial Space for Your Business

Whether you want to launch a new startup or establish a brick-and-mortar location for an existing business, choosing the right commercial space can be a daunting challenge. The space must meet specific criteria to help your company reach its full potential. Here are three steps to help you choose the perfect commercial building that will allow your business to thrive.

1. Talk With a Developer

New York City has many real estate developers who specialize in designing commercial spaces to meet the needs of various businesses. It can be difficult to build a new location from scratch, but you can often find vacant buildings around town that may meet your needs. Talking with someone such as Angelo Ingrassia real estate developer makes you aware of existing spaces that may be ideal for your businesses.

Another good reason to talk with a developer is that he or she may be able to transform another building to meet your needs. Developers often take old and abandoned hotels and turn them into commercial office buildings, so as long as a building meets your must-have criteria, it may be suitable for your business with a few minor changes.

2. Consider Your Needs

Every company has individual needs. You may need a small office space if you work as a travel agent, or you may prefer a large, open retail location if you want to open any type of shop.

Consider how you want to use the commercial space and make a list of must-have elements. For example, you may need a pantry or kitchen area if you want to open a sweets shop, while a large storage area may be preferable if you plan to open a bookstore.

Understanding your specific needs and having a list to refer to helps you narrow down your commercial building options. You can easily eliminate all of the options that do not feature your must-have criteria, streamlining the process of finding a commercial space that works.

3. Think About Location

Ensuring that your business is in a prime location for customers is one of the most critical aspects of the day. Customers must be able to access the building easily if you hope to generate foot traffic and sales. In large cities such as New York where people tend to walk to various locations, you want to make sure that your commercial space is within easy walking distance of other businesses and restaurants to maximize convenience.

For businesses that operate in office settings, you also need to think about how your clients will access the commercial space. If you mostly work with out-of-town clients who travel to do business with you, opening a location near a hotel may make your company more convenient for your clients. They are less likely to do business elsewhere if they do not have to travel far to reach our company building.

Choosing the right commercial space for your company has a direct impact on how the business operates. Selecting the best space for your needs often feels like a daunting challenge, but using these three steps can make the process easier and help you feel more confident in your decision.


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