How To Clean a Gun Barrel

Can you believe that 40% of households in America own at least one gun?

Guns are great for hunting, collecting, and even keeping your home safe. However, it’s important to clean your guns on a regular basis to keep your shot as accurate as possible and extend the lifespan of your gun.

Do you need help figuring out how to clean a gun barrel so you can restore your guns to top condition? Keep reading this gun barrel cleaning guide for the most useful tips.

Loosen Up Debris With Bore Solvent

Before you can start cleaning your gun barrel, it’s important to unload your gun so you can work safely and get a thorough clean. When you’re ready to clean, you’ll need to get some pads and soak them in a bore solvent. Using a jag, you can push a soaked pad down the barrel to loosen up the debris.

You should repeat this step once or twice using a fresh pad. You’ll notice that the colors on the pads become less intense as you remove more residue.

Start Cleaning a Gun Barrel With a Bristled Brush

Now that the bore solvent has had a couple of minutes to soak into your barrel and loosen everything up, it’ll be much easier to achieve a deeper clean. The next step is to coat a bristled brush with a little more bore solvent. You should get a gun cleaning kit designed for your unique model like this link so you’ll have a brush that fits properly.

All you need to do is work the bristled brush into the gun barrel a handful of times to give everything a good scrub.

Repeat Until Clean

The most tedious part of gun barrel cleaning is repeating these two steps until you’re satisfied with the results. You’ll know that you’re finished when you can push a pad through your barrel and see it come out white.

This means that you’ve successfully removed all of the debris from your gun barrel.

Clean Your Tools When You’re Done

After you clean a gun barrel, it’s wise to wipe down any tools you’ve used with a simple paper towel. This will remove any leftover residue and bore solvent.

The reason why you shouldn’t forget this step is that you’ll need to clean your gun again in the future. The last thing you’d want to do is stick a dirty tool into your gun barrel.

Now You Know How to Clean a Gun Barrel

Figuring out how to clean a gun barrel isn’t as challenging as it sounds. While the process may be a bit tedious, anyone can get a deep clean without a ton of tools. As long as you follow these gun barrel cleaning tips, you’ll be able to enjoy your gun for many years.

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