How to Save Money on Solar Power System Maintenance?

There are many reasons why your solar power system might break down. From arc faults to damaged wires, some causes can cause your solar panel to fail. But if you can identify these types of issues, you should be able to prevent them from happening.

Ground-Mounted Solar Panels Are Easier To Access

You may want to consider a ground-mounted solar array if you’re looking for the perfect solar power system for your home. Compared to rooftop systems, they require less space on your property and can be easily expanded once installed. In addition, they produce more electricity than their roof-mounted cousins. The benefits of a ground-mounted system include easy access to all components. This makes it easier to do solar panel maintenance regularly. A ground-mounted system is also better at maximizing airflow, which helps your panels to generate more energy.

Arc Faults

Arc faults are a serious hazard to solar power systems. When an electrical arc flash occurs, dangerous energy is released into the air, causing injury and even death. Fortunately, these occurrences are rare.

Typically, an arc flash will occur when there is enough voltage in the electrical system. The intensity of the arc flash depends on many factors. In addition to the voltage at the time of the arc, the distance between the arc and the ground surface also determines how much damage is done.


One of the biggest costs associated with solar power generation is the array’s installation, maintenance and operation. Some companies offer a bundled service that includes cleaning, inspection and monitoring of the system, as well as some light-duty repairs. Keeping the panels clean and well-maintained will prolong the life of the system. Keeping the battery and inverter in good working order will keep you from having to resort to costly power outages, which can occur at any time of the day or night.

Damaged Wires

If you own a solar power system, you’re aware of the benefits of electricity generated by the sun. However, you also know the risks. One of these risks is damage to your wires. Fortunately, there are ways to avoid this. The first step is to inspect your wiring for damage. Solar panel wires can become brittle over time, and it’s important to ensure they are still in place. Another thing to check for is micro-cracks, which can occur when a solar panel is handled improperly. These tiny cracks can increase over time and lead to larger damages.

Moisture In The Junction Box

A solar power system junction box is a piece of equipment that connects two or more solar panels. It helps to protect the electrical components against sunlight and friction. The box also contains a couple of bypass diodes to prevent moisture and dust from compromising the wiring and causing electrical shorts. Junction boxes are usually placed on or near the array site. If a junction box is improperly sealed, water or dust can quickly corrode its internals, short-circuiting bypass diodes and preventing electricity from transferring. A junction box is normally made of outdoor-rated plastic. Inside it, the wires are secured with screw terminals. To prevent leaks, it is best to use a heat-conducting sealant.

Common Causes Of Solar Panel Damage

If you own a solar power system, you should know the common causes of solar panel damage. Not all systems need to be replaced, but regular maintenance will keep your panels working well. A good time to check your solar panels is in the spring. This is the time when pollen settles on cars and roofs. Also, you should clean your panels to remove debris. During extreme weather, you may have to brush your panels daily. Snow and ice can harden crystalline silicon and cause cracks on the surface. 

Workmanship Warranty

If you have a solar power system installed, it is important to maintain it. This includes cleaning and maintaining your panels regularly. Also, you should check the warranty on your panels. It is possible to save thousands of dollars by doing this. Solar power systems can come with a workmanship warranty. This warranty guarantees that the installation and the design of the system were done properly. The workmanship warranty also covers damages or defects resulting from the workmanship. The duration of the workmanship warranty may vary depending on the installation company. However, a typical workmanship warranty from a certified company is usually ten years.


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