Seek Legal Council to Help You Following an Accident

Each year, many people sustain personal injuries. Many of these are due to vehicle crashes. According to the Centers for Disease and Prevention report, approximately 7,000 pedestrians were struck and killed on U.S. roads in 2020. That equates to one person dying every 75 minutes. Of those, one in six were pedestrians and not inside a vehicle.

In addition, over 104,000 pedestrians visited emergency rooms for care after being involved in non-fatal vehicular injuries in 2020. Those that are savvy and understand their rights consult with lawyers as soon as they are well enough to do so.

Different Types of Motor Vehicle Accidents

Many people are not sure if they should seek the advice of a lawyer when they have been injured because of the negligence of others. According to Lulich & Attorneys (, there are numerous ways that people can be hurt and injured. In case you have been involved in any of these scenarios, you should make an appointment to speak with a lawyer to discuss your rights.

Some types of personal injuries include:

  • Accidents on the roadways: This may include trucks, automobiles, scooters, motorcycles, and bicycles.
  • Work accidents due to the negligence of the staff overseeing the facility.
  • Slip and fall accidents when away from home.
  • Personal assaults
  • Product defects that lead to illness and injury
  • Medical accidents, which may signal a case against the hospital or medical provider.

What to do After an Accident?

Those that have been hurt or injured following an accident need to follow the proper protocol to make sure they receive not just critical medical support but the legal representation they need to be able to achieve, should they have long-term injuries.

One of the most important things to do following an accident is to not make any comments about the guilt of anyone involved.

  • Get immediate medical attention for injured parties.
  • Get the vehicle out of the roadway, if it can be moved, to avoid additional accidents.
  • Collect all the information needed from the other driver.
    • Get the name, address, insurance information and policy number, and driver’s license number of the other driver.
  • Get the information of witnesses who may have seen the accident.
  • If possible, take pictures of the scene and all damage to both vehicles.
  • Call the police and fill out an accident report.
  • As soon as possible, contact personal injury or slip and fall lawyers in Schaumburg, or anywhere else, that has expertise in personal injury and accident cases.

How a Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help

As soon as possible, consult with an attorney that knows personal injury law and can show you their experience and outcomes.

The right lawyer should:

  • Protect your rights and seek compensation for pain and suffering.
  • Oversee all communications with the insurance companies involved.
  • Gather evidence that supports your claim.
  • Come to a fair settlement based on the injury and future ability to earn wages.
  • Be there every step of the way to support you and your rights after the accident.

No one wants to be in an accident or plans for it, but if you know the steps to take following an accident that occurred due to a traffic/vehicle accident, seek legal counsel to protect you.


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