Your Guide to Settling in Denver: A Few Businesses You Need to Know!

Moving to Denver can seem like a scary situation, especially if you’re new to big cities and aren’t sure what to expect. Thankfully, there are many services and businesses that you can tap into before you move that should make this transition easier. Here are a few amazing recommendations that can help you move to Denver smoothly and feel more comfortable. 


Denver’s food scene is legendary, and there are many amazing restaurants that you can try out when you move here. Knowing which you like is a good idea when moving to an area because it can make it easier for you to eat without having to worry about cooking for yourself. In other words, if you’re too tired to cook, a great restaurant can ensure that you’re well-fed and happy. 

One great option is Casa Bonita, which has been a favorite in Denver since 1974. While it did close down briefly, it was purchased by South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker, who even referenced it in the show. It’s well known for a variety of tasty meals, providing you with a diverse array of options that make it an excellent option for new Denver residents to enjoy. 

There are also options like the Burger Bar, Chophouse, Amberstone Bar & Grill, Apple Blossom, and Bamboo Sushi that serve a broad array of different food styles. We recommend making a list of your favorite food types, checking out the options listed here, and eating at a new place once a week (or daily) until you’ve got your favorite restaurants down pat and are ready to chow down!


If you’ve already bought a house in Denver, you might not think you need a realtor. However, it’s a good idea to have someone on your side in case you ever have to sell your home again. Furthermore, it’s a great option if you plan on upgrading your house and want to make sure that your realtor gets it properly priced, even if you don’t plan on selling it any time soon. 

Denver is home to many realtors, including many RE/MAX professionals. This national firm is likely the biggest in Denver, and they provide you with a lot of support that can make this transition easier for you. There are multiple brokers with whom you can work, including Sesar Flores, Brent Rothwell, Janice Nelson, Paul Cunningham, Heather Reed, and Nancy Clarke. This gives you lots of options that should make your home sale easier to complete.

Note that there are many other realtor options available to you in the area, as Denver is a large and sprawling metropolis. RE/MAX is just one of the most trusted of these teams and has the diverse array of experts that you need for your real estate sales. Thankfully, you can always research agents on each realtor’s business site to learn more about what kind of support they can provide you.


It might seem a little bit early to start looking for a lawyer when moving to Denver but hear us out. We strongly suggest getting a lawyer just in case anything happens. You can do a quick search through the available options to figure out what kind of legal team makes the most sense to you. Then, you can choose an option that fits your specific legal needs as a person.

Thankfully, it shouldn’t be hard to find a highly rated Denver lawyer if you take the time to research what is available to you. There are many unique options throughout the city, each of which provides many benefits. For instance, there are specialized legal teams that can help you in various personal injury cases or even business lawsuits if you’re moving here to start a company. 

However, it’s also important to seek out other types of legal protection to ensure that you stay safe. For example, there are many types of family lawyers that can help if your children get hurt, when you have to plan your will, or if you get divorced. Thankfully, Denver’s diverse array of legal options should make it fairly easy for you to find someone that you can trust here.

Car Mechanic

Lastly, you need to find an auto mechanic that you can trust when you move to Denver. After all, our cars (beyond our homes) are typically our biggest and most costly expenses. By finding a mechanic that you can trust, you can feel comfortable getting regular maintenance and ensure that you’re happy with the quality of your care. There are many Denver mechanics from whom you can pick. 

few options that you can choose from include Urban AutoCare, a BBB Torch Award team that provides environmentally friendly practices and that provides unique financing on services that can cut back on your prices. There are also options like Gary’s Auto Service that provide free courtesy shuttles and mileage reminders that ensure your car gets the best support possible. 

Typically, most mechanics in Denver are located along Colfax or South Broadway, as this is something of a corridor for the industry. There are also options downtown or in Englewood, Baker, Platt Park, Edgewater, and Mountain View. Consider these factors when narrowing your search down to ensure that you get the best results possible when finding a mechanic that you can trust.

Settling in Denver Safely

Denver is an amazing city and a great place to settle once you figure out where you want to be and what you want to do! By paying close attention to these different facets, you can move to Denver without worrying extensively. That’s a pretty big deal if you’re ready to settle into your new home and enjoy the amazing new benefits that it provides for you.


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