9 Budget Binder With Cash Envelopes Ideas to Help You Get Organized

A suitable budget binder with cash envelopes can help you a lot in time of need. Fortunately, I have you covered. In this article I will show you some of the best cash envelope binders so you can get your budget on track!

If you didn’t know about the cash envelope budgeting method, it is a method where you take your cash money and divide everything into categories.

Some common categories are:

  • Gifts
  • Insurance
  • Luxury
  • Car
  • Personal care
  • Rent
  • Utilities

I know what you must be thinking right now. The envelope method must seem old school, and you are right.

This method is indeed an old school. However, many people have found it to be useful when it comes to taking care of their budgets.

Here are the pros and cons of using the cash envelope method


  • Train you to set a hard limit on your spending
  • no more impulsive purchases
  • Forces you to make final decisions regarding your budget
  • You can easily see how much money you can spend on anything


  • Can be complicated and you might lose some envelopes
  • It is possible to run out of money before the end of budget’s life
  • This method only applies to spending cash money

Everyone has plenty of reasons to use the cash envelope budget method to keep track of their budgeting. The most popular reason is simply to know for sure how much money they have to spend. Everything will be so much easier once you lay out your cash money in front of you.

Usually, it is easy to spend money using your credit cards without worrying about a thing. In contrast, the cash envelope method will make sure you are aware of your spending and stop you from making needless purchases.

Decide what to do with your budget binder with cash envelopes

The cash envelope budgeting method requires you to be disciplined and decide pretty much everything when it comes to your spending.

By using cash at hand, you can then divide it into certain categories as listed above. You can divide your cash into as many categories as you want
I know that sometimes there are things outside your control that can force you to break away from your budget.

Unexpected expenses can happen to anyone. But still, the cash budgeting method can help you in this kind of situation. You can simply cut down budgets for other less important categories.

See for yourself how much you can spend

Before you can divide your money into several categories, you should see how much money you have in your bank account. Remember that you have to forget about your credit cards as they can disrupt your focus.

The cash budgeting method requires you to see how much money you can spend at any given time.

Set a hard limit on your spending per category

I already before that every category of your budget should be flexible. In some cases, you have no choice but to make it flexible. However, it is important to set a hard limit on every category to create a sense of order in our budgeting method. If you know you can only spend $100 on a category, then never spend more than that amount.

This is even more important for categories that are not essentials, like luxuries. Or categories that can be unnecessarily flexible, such as groceries.

These Budget Binder With Cash Envelopes Help You Save Money

By realizing how much cash money you have at hand, you won’t spend money needlessly. Obviously, you can’t spend money that you don’t have. And unlike with credit cards, we are dealing with physical money here.

When you are planning to spend money, the cash budgeting method will always remind you of how much money you currently have.

1.      Leapard cash envelope budget binder

This kind of cash envelope is so adorable, and you can carry it around with you. It also comes with budget sheets that you can use to take notes of your spending.

It is useful because you don’t need to count your cash all the time. Record everything and see how much more money you can spend.

You will also receive labels for each of the 12 clear binder pockets with your purchase.

2.      Zippable cash budget binder

This binder is flashy and secure. It has 12 envelope pieces and also budget category stickers to make it easier for you.

The cash envelope binder comes with budget sheets – perfect for writing records of your spending. The binder also has a zipper that makes it stand out from many other binders.

3.      SOUL MAMA budget binder with cash envelopes

The SOUL MAMA binder is famous and an excellent option for many people. If you prioritize the order in your budget, then this could be the one for you.

The labels on the cash envelopes are amazing and definitely the main selling feature. There is also an expense tracker feature that will surely help you.

If you really need a budget binder that looks great and is portable, looks no other than SOUL MAMA.

4.      Solgit all-in-one cash envelope wallet

The Solgit is an all-in-one cash envelope wallet that you can use for anything when it comes to budgeting. You can also carry it anywhere with you without worrying about security. Each envelope in the binder is secured by the 3-rind binder.

The binder also has a fold-out feature so you can have easy access to all your credit cards and loose bills.

5.      SKYDUE budget binder

The SKYDUE budget binder is a great option for people who want one binder for everything. This cash envelope binder comes in various colors as well. Furthermore, I have found many big discounts on this product.

It also has handy cardholders on the side where you can store your important cards. One more great feature is the removable money envelopes in the binder, so you don’t have to carry more than necessary.

6.      Budget planner and monthly bill organizer

This one binder has a suitable name for a budget planner. The thing is that this binder can also be used for more than just budgeting. Making it the best planner for many people. You can create a plan for the whole year in this binder; even some of the most detailed plans can fit in the binder.

The best feature is the customizable tabs, so you can create your own tabs for some of the most important parts of your budget.

There is a downside, however, which is the lack of portability. The binder is not easy to carry around as it is bulky.

7.      Tabbed plastic budget envelopes

The tabbed plastic budget envelopes are a great option for people who manage their budgets at home. This product can accommodate people who have a lot of budgeting plans. The plastic budget envelopes can be stored safely at home or carried around with you.

The tab design is amazing as it eliminates flipping around the budget binder. You can always find the budget category that you need in an instant.

The downside of this specific product is the lack of portability. If you want to carry all the envelopes with you, you will need a bigger bag. That said, many people find this as a benefit of the budget binder with cash envelopes.

8.      Binder Cover with 12 clear envelopes

The simple yet functional binder can be found in many online stores. This binder has 12 clear envelopes that also come with many other features. Pretty much what I can say is that creating budgets with these envelopes is so easy and efficient. Each envelope is also color-coded for easy access.

Furthermore, you can also customize each item in the binder, including the budget sheets and extra labels.

The design is really adorable, and the binder is completely functional.

9.      Clever fox cash envelopes

The Clever Fox is one of the most popular binders that you can find anywhere. The design is more traditional when compared to other binders on this list. But that’s not a problem at all for most people. The main selling point here is that you can write anything directly on the envelopes.

The way this budget binder with cash envelopes works is that they help you to see your budget categories and how much you spent. This is great for people who need a constant reminder of their money and overall spending. You can see how much money you have left at the end of the month and relocate it to the next month’s budget.


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